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Thinking about getting into posting some public fanart again. No OCs, just fanart. I made a new tumblr. We'll see if I actually go through with this. I'm bad about changing my mind and deleting things.

Think I should post sketches to dA too or just to tumblr?
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Artist | Student
Christian art/programming student who loves role-playing a giant robot. Thankful to God for my talent. All glory goes to Him.


Adults liking My Little Pony is nothing new by The-Clockwork-Crow HUMAN by 2Timothy3-16 Not slime, mucus by sugarpoultry Christian Pumpkin by marshmellowbrains Optimus is OOH LA LA by Metallikato Mary-Sue Witch Hunt Stamp by kiss-the-thunder Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie collector by jupiternwndrlnd God Made Me Female by 2Timothy3-16 It is a Promise by Amy-pink OC's are the best by birdewilliams I love Spiders by WishmasterAlchemist Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum Katamari stamp by Galway The Sims 3 Stamp by snwgames I speak clean language stamp by queenhenide776 TF Girls stamp by Metallikato Pro-life stamp by Myn-Anthony Hot Pink Colors by Gintokichan Storage in my Favs by Zusuriki Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp - Canon Figures by artoni Stamp - Smart Fangirls by aromabayleaf Straight Stamp by 10-Aerith-10 Kelpie Pwn by linawifeofL Final Fantasy X Stamp by nakashimariku TFA Stamp by suzidragonlady Always In My Face Stamp by AmethystKirbyrobot crush by meimei-stamps Fan of all ponies by raygirl Clean-Minded by Danilee3240 Oban Star-Racers Stamp by seashellby Fangirls Forever by ChibiBug Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Squeaky Clean Sonic Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Eggman Stamp 4 by JetProwerTheFox Christian Pumpkin by marshmellowbrains Feedback Messages Stamp by AWolfSong Experimenting Stamp by Fujisuzu Opinions Stamp by dragon77123 Language Tollerance Stamp by P0W4H-L4D33 Stahsqueam stamp by Armadria I was a little craycray by KashimusPrime Sex-Free Media Plz by Suika-Sohma Beside Myself by higher-flyer .... But I Still Love Ponies Stamp by SD-DreamCrystal Discord by Miss-Dicess OC Stamp by ChibiGem
Animated Starscream Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress McCrane and Seia Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress

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Oh, sorry, I don't RP over here in dA.
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